With the products NAWA-Vet Wundspülung and NAWA-Vet Wundsalbe, every wound can be easily cleaned and maintained immediately. NAWA-Vet Wundspülung and NAWA-Vet Wundsalbe are also available in a practical portable size.

The injured skin is cleaned with the NAWA-Vet Wundspülung. In this way, dirt particles are rinsed out and wound healing promoted.

For the subsequent care of the skin, for the relief of inflammation and irritation, but also for the prevention of brittle and cracked paws e.g., the moisturizing NAWA-Vet Wundsalbe is perfect.

NAWA-Vet products are completely harmless to the skin; even if ingested by licking. For sensitive animals, who could react nervously at the sound of a spray bottle, we offer the Wundspülung in the practical squeeze bottle.